Bonsai Grower

As a tree grows it bends, twists, branches, spreads, bows, and lifts through a complex interplay with the environment. The tree is affected by sunlight, wind, and available nutrients. Thus, the current form of the tree expresses a life with a rich and sorted history, not just the current best position for the tree. This is what happens in the human body.

The muscles, fascia, ligaments, and bones adapt to the environment throughout life. Hence, the current form is resultant of years of parenting, sports, work, emotion, injury, fatigue, eating habits, high heels, etc. and all of these factors influence the current form and shape of the physique. Unlike a tree, humans also consciously conform our bodies to fit certain socio/cultural cues – like holding our heads high, pulling our shoulders back, or tucking our guts.

Just like a Bonsai grower lovingly prunes and and artistically bends his trees into beautiful forms, a Rolfer® examines your physical history and body-story and over a series of sessions works to shape you by releasing the old stuck tissues, to shape the hisstory of pain, disarray, and crookedness, in order to help create a new, more vibrant form.

Meet Greg Brynelson

Greg Brynelson