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Rolfing® is a deep release of the connective tissue which frees the mind and emotions as well as the body from their conditioning.

Rolfing® has developed into a bodywork that challenges the client, but always stays within your comfort level. Rolfing® is characterized as a “deep bodywork,” and uses slow, steady, hands-on pressure to release myofascia (changeable type of connective tissue) restrictions throughout your body.

“Rolfing® is a unique deep tissue bodywork that frees your body and being toward better posture and overall higher integrity. This is why Ida Rolf called her therapy structural integration.”

NPR Interviews Greg

December 6, 2010

Customer Testimonials

“I echo everything that previous reviewers have said about Greg. I have known about rolfing® for several years, and finally decided to pull the trigger and give it a try. Every rolfer® on yelp seemed to have rave reviews, so I based my decision on cost, ease of parking (or using public transportation) and years of experience. On all three factors, Greg was the hands-down winner. And the fact that he is a registered nurse was a plus. When I met with Greg, he was great. He seemed to really understand my needs, and was able to stick with the 10 session outline created by Ida Rolf, yet made time to address any specific complaints I had that particular week. I recently saw a massage therapist whom I hadn't seen for nearly a year. She was shocked at how different my body felt, noting that I no longer had the knots and adhesions that have plagued my poor shoulders, back, and hips for years. She couldn’t believe the change in how I felt, and immediately asked for Greg’s contact info. Yes, he’s that good.”

Laurie C.

San Francisco, CA

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Greg Brynelson