Surviving Your Desk! 10 Tips for Desk Workers

by Greg Brynelson Certified Rolfer, RN

1. Be free! The more you wiggle, stretch, and move in your seat, generally the better off you are.
2. Get up! Take breaks every hour or less. By break I mean, stand up and walk around.
3. Sit Well! Slide your butt to the back of the chair and try to get on your “sit bones” – aka ischial tuberosity – in order not to slouch.
4. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water.
5. Be happy! Make yourself smile every once in awhile – even if it’s at the computer screen.
6. Ground! Put your feet flat on the ground every once in awhile, if not most of the time.
7. Look away! Look away from the computer – either out the window, or to a far off wall, to exercise your eyes.
8. Stretch! Stretch your arms up to the sky, look up to the ceiling, backbend, and breathe.
9. Learn! Take advantage of the ergo assessment person!
10. Avoid the creep! Try to keep your face and head from creeping towards your monitor relative to your shoulders. (Get a cubicle mate to check you).

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