E cises For Life 9 Shoulder Shrugs & Neck Roll

Exercises For Life 9 Shoulder Shrugs & Neck Roll.

Surviving Your Desk! 10 Tips for Desk Workers

While seated work seems easier, long hours at a desk can take their toll on your body. Here are some tips for surviving the desk

Your Personal Health Plan

You probably have a plan for retirement – why not for that thing you live with every day for the rest of your life (your body)? In general I find that people have a general idea of how they hope to maintain health, but it is far less explicit than say, a well developed retirement plan. My intent with this article is to outline common ways people approach health. See where you fit and how you can begin to improve.

Resilience: Managing Your Energy

"Leadership From the Inside Out" by Kevin Cashman has been a great read, especially his chapter on "resilience mastery". So many of us strive to manage time and projects, but Cashman contends that we should really focus more on mastering our energy levels throughout the day in order to avoid fatigue, stress, and burnout.

NPR and NYT Rolfing News Coverage

I’m excited to say I was recently interviewed by National Public Radio (NPR) for a piece to air on Morning Edition on December 6th by KQED radio. I worked with Sarah Varney for a sample 1 hour session of Rolfing. She interviewed me before, during, and after the session. I hope it turns out to be a great educational piece because there are so many people who still have not heard of Rolfing

Also Recently the New York Times did a piece on Rolfing in the Fashion & Style section of the paper. Not sure why it wasn’t featured in the Health section?! The article was largely with a NYC Rolfing practitioner named Ray Allen. He also appeared later that week in the Today Show, however that was fairly terrible coverage.

All in all it’s great that Rolfing is getting more attention, and I’m happy that more people know what the work is about.

Tripod: An Approach to Your Body

The past two years I’ve been developing a greater appreciation for what it takes to have a healthy approach to care of your body and keep it pain free. This includes three essential ingredients: alignment, flexibility, and stability.

Three Things Women do Wrong

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 #1. Carry a heavy purse on one shoulder.

It’s big, it’s heavy, it has all your stuff for the day in it, and it’s throwing off your shoulders. As a Rolfer I constantly see women with one shoulder hiked up and frozen in this position.

Three Things Men Do Wrong

1. Sit on your wallet:
When you sit on a wallet it places a good inch to half inch rise on that hip. Always sticking your on a wallet in the same back pocket can drive the pelvis into an asymmetrical pattern.

Rolfing for a New World: Unconsious Postural Influences

"Do you watch peoples posture all the time?" When people grasp what I do for a living this is often a question I get. When I first began training for Rolfing (R), I'll admit I was a chronic posture observer. What I've found true over time is that often there are distinct, visible, unconscious cues between related people.

Detoxing Detox Diets

Being a registered nurse, and Rolfing® practitioner I am an advocate for healthy weight maintenance and healthy habits in general. However, I am always skeptical of practitioners promoting “detox” as a quick way to get healthy. It seems “detox” is a catch-all phrase for making a sudden healthy shift in eating, or doing a low calorie fast (like the popularized lemon juice/maple syrup one). However, it has very little basis in the Western medical approach.

Meet Greg Brynelson

Greg Brynelson