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Free Consultations Call City Rolfer: 415 513-2902


Phone: 415.513.2902

Pricing Information

Please contact Greg directly for pricing, and session length information. The general going rate for a 60-minute session in the Bay Area is $140. As you can read below, discounts and incentives are available for all types of clients.

I've never tried Rolfing before and may be a bit scared...

Try a free 30 minute consultation. During this time you can get a chance to meet me, visit my office, and learn more about Rolfing through a conversation and brief assessment.

I'd like to try Rolfing bodywork to see if it's for me...

“Try three and see”. One session may provide insight but three sessions allow you to truly feel if Rolfing is going to work for you. Three introductory sessions are what I recommend, and I offer a discount for the first three sessions purchased at one time.

I want the 10-series...

A significant discount is available for the ten-session process if you pay up front. More sessions may be added to address your unique needs during this process.

I have had Rolfing before, and want to continue maintenance work...

Preferred return customers will be able to purchase follow up work at a discount if 3 or more are purchased at one time. The same is true for those previously Rolfed by another practitioner.

Again, please contact Greg directly for more information on pricing at 415.513.2902.

Recommended Parking At:

Sutter Stockton Garage, 330 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94108-4329 | $3/hour