NPR and NYT Rolfing News Coverage

I’m excited to say I was recently interviewed by National Public Radio (NPR) for a piece to air on Morning Edition on December 6th by KQED radio. I worked with Sarah Varney for a sample 1 hour session of Rolfing. She interviewed me before, during, and after the session. I hope it turns out to be a great educational piece because there are so many people who still have not heard of Rolfing

Also Recently the New York Times did a piece on Rolfing in the Fashion & Style section of the paper. Not sure why it wasn’t featured in the Health section?! The article was largely with a NYC Rolfing practitioner named Ray Allen. He also appeared later that week in the Today Show, however that was fairly terrible coverage.

All in all it’s great that Rolfing is getting more attention, and I’m happy that more people know what the work is about.

Meet Greg Brynelson

Greg Brynelson