Resilience: Managing Your Energy

"Leadership From the Inside Out" by Kevin Cashman has been a great read, especially his chapter on "resilience mastery". So many of us strive to manage time and projects, but Cashman contends that we should really focus more on mastering our energy levels throughout the day in order to avoid fatigue, stress, and burnout. Pay attention to what activities energize you and affirm you. Know which activities drain you or are devoid of meaning. If you are able to build in time and activities that restore and revitalize your internal battery, you may find life gets easier and more enjoyable. Getting caught up in achievement can leave us whizzing through life without a chance to enjoy the scenery.

Cashman outlines 11 points of resilience mastery:

1. Be on Purpose, but be Aware
2. Foster Your Energy vs. Managing Time
3. Learning to Exercise with Ease (don't look at exercise like another job - going all out - listen to your body and do what feels good)
4. Deal with Life-Damaging Habits
5. Avoid Taking Yourself So Seriously
6. Develop Mind Body Awareness
7. Manage Stress More Effectively (ask what can I control, influence, or should I just accept?)
8. Nurture Your Close Relationships
9. Simplify Your Life (sort out needs vs. wants, choose with purpose)
10. Take Real Vacations
11. Integrate More Reflection and Introspection into Your Lifestyle

This is just a sample of the meat in this book - but it's been very useful for me personally, and I hope you purchase it if these things resonate with you.

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