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Luarie C.

San Francisco

I echo everything that previous reviewers have said about Greg. I have known about rolfing for several years, and finally decided to pull the trigger and give it a try. Every rolfer on yelp seemed to have rave reviews, so I based my decision on cost, ease of parking (or using public transportation) and years of experience. On all three factors, Greg was the hands-down winner. And the fact that he is a registered nurse was a plus.

When I met with Greg, he was great. He seemed to really understand my needs, and was able to stick with the 10 session outline created by Ida Rolf, yet made time to address any specific complaints I had that particular week. I recently saw a massage therapist whom I hadn’t seen for nearly a year. She was shocked at how different my body felt, noting that I no longer had the knots and adhesions that have plagued my poor shoulders, back, and hips for years. She couldn’t believe the change in how I felt, and immediately asked for Greg’s contact info. Yes, he’s that good.

A note about pain: I was full of trepidation, because all the yelp reviews mentioned pain. I didn’t think my sessions felt very different from a really good deep tissue massage, and I even briefly fell asleep at least once. Then again, massage therapists tend to comment on my high pain threshold. I think most people who get rolfed seem to tolerate it fine, but maybe that’s because the wimps weed themselves out. Just be forewarned – if you can’t tolerate a deep massage, or using the foam roller on tight muscles, you might have a hard time. Greg is very cool and can ease up on the pressure, but if he goes too light, you won’t get any benefit, and might as well just be getting a massage.

Mike B.
San Francisco, CA

I am 48 and have been Rolfed since I was 23. I moved to San Francisco a year ago and started seeing Greg, who is in the financial district and easy for me to see during work hours. Greg starts each session by making me pace a few times so he can see what he wants to work on that session. When I leave the sessions my posture is back in alignment and I feel much looser and limber than when I walked in. Of the many Rolfers I have seen, Greg is clearly one of the best—and his easy going personality makes the sessions go by very quickly.

Xav D.
San Francisco, CA

Greg was incredibly supportive of going through this process with me. I didn’t really know what to expect. I had heard about the power of Rolfing for a long time and I have 6 friends who I know of who have done Rolfing work. For me, Greg fit the bill perfectly. He gave me enough context about the work he was doing on me so that I felt he was listening to me and also out to get my body back in good, solid working order.

Over all the sessions, I was able to experience changes in my body and I felt like the end result left me more “IN” my body and related to my body and having some movement back in my lower back that I hadn’t experienced in about 20 years.

He was a professional and great all-around person to do this type of work with. If you haven’t tried Rolfing, you should talk to Greg and set-up a preliminary session to see what it’s about and how it could improve your overall body experience.

Daniel J.
San Francisco, CA

Over the 10 sessions, I can no doubt say that I feel much more “in my body” than ever before in my life. I can feel my body more, and it feels better to be in it, walking around and being alive. I feel that my posture has improved. And, at times I’ve even felt intense waves of energy coursing through my body (think that’s mostly from the meditation though).

At certain times during the 10 sessions, I even had very specific moments of feeling “release” in my muscles and fascia. I had the experience of parts of my body being taken care of that had been tight and stuck for years and had never gotten any attention before (mostly in my hips and shoulders).

In the end, I highly recommend Greg. He’s great at what he does and lots of fun too. And, he seems to really be tuned in to my body and what it needs most to return to it’s natural happy state of being.

Thanks Greg!

Dan I.

I’ve been to Greg six times over the past six months for a back problem that kept me out of capoeira and had me frustratedly trying acupuncture, acupressure, a chiropractor, yoga, and plain old rest. Greg has been the most helpful for my abused ligament and I feel he’s helped me become more aware about other issues I’ve been carrying around, like posture issues, and tightness issues in some long-ignored muscle groups. Greg has been through his own back issues, is a nurse, and generally brings a lot of experience to his rolfing practice. Rolfing, or as some of my friends prefer me to say, “structural alignment,” can be painful—be aware. I’ve never been to any other rolfers, but my friend who put me on to rolfing said it’s the nature of the medicine. To his credit, Greg is sensitive to your limits and communicates well; there’s plenty other places you can go in SF if you’re looking for a sadist…

The bottom line is that Greg has helped me reduce pain from a strained ligament in my back, helped me get back in capoeira, he’s a great guy, and I’ve gone back for one tune-up and plan to be back for more—;I recommend Greg to anyone looking for a new perspective on ortho-muscular issues and for effective treatment that addresses the underlying causes of these issues.

Leigh C.
San Francisco, CA

Okay. First things first, ROLFING is NOT a massage. You don’t go in hoping to relax after a hard day and float into a state of semi-unconsciousness. This is serious treatment when your body needs work. Greg is really wonderful (especially since you spend each session in a bathing suit or a bra and underwear) and really knows how to get things in alignment. I ran my first marathon recently (and I am NOT a hardcore athlete) and started going to see Greg during my training. For someone who sits at a computer all day, my poor body was getting very sore after each long run. But, I ran that marathon, and within one day I was hardly sore, and within 2 days after, I was COMPLTELY normal—no residual soreness. I give that credit to Greg. I’m currently on session 7 of the 10-series, and while its not so much fun all the while, the benefits are great.

Michael S.
San Francisco, CA

If you’ve never tried Rolfing before, give Greg a call. Pretty much everyone has walking/sitting habits that don’t contribute to proper alignment in the body. However, Rolfing breaks down the out-of-alignment tissue to reform and realign your body with gravity.

Greg has the knowledge and strength to really work deep in your body. He’s also careful to adapt his techique to your individual comfort level.
Be forewarned, though: This is not massage! It is a working session to contribute to your long-term health and well-being. You feel more free and flexible in your body as you progress. The effect is not temporary.

I can’t wait for my next session!

Niccolo G.
San Francisco, CA

I am 36 years old, and 6 years ago I had surgery to remove a slipped disk between L4 and L5. In spite of fairly regular sport activities (squash, bike, gym, tennis…) before and after surgery, my body has always been somehow stiff and my posture never fully relaxed.
In the last 3 months Rolfing, combined with Aikido, has had an amazing impact on the flexibility and the awareness of my body and mind.
Even though I don’t have experience with other rolfers, I strongly recommend Greg. He’s a very peaceful, aware, and open individual. I believe these qualities helped my body relaxing and opening up to his work. He has a very personalized approach: before each session, he makes me walk and stand, then he decides where to work on and how.
Rolfing can be painful, but when it is, it’s safe pain and, what matters the most, the payoff is worth. Besides, to make it safer and not-so-hard, Greg doesn’t work above 70% of the amount of pain that you can bear.

San Francisco, CA

I’ve been experiencing chronic knee pain ever since having ACL surgery three years ago. I saw multiple doctors and physical therapists, and nothing helped, so I eventually turned to Rolfing.

I went through the 10 Series with Greg last year. It was uncomfortable, but I could feel the difference in my body’s alignment after each session. Most importantly, I’ve also experienced a significant reduction of knee pain. (Ahhh yessss) Greg has a nice office that’s close to the Montgomery BART, and he’s usually pretty flexible regarding appointment times.

Brian L

Greg is a great Rolfing practitioner. I went through the 10-session series with him, and was able to get relief for chronic neck/shoulder pain that had been bothering me for several years. He is quite knowledgeable, and put me at ease from the first session. The office he works in is very professional.

Dr. Khalsa
Owner of The Reichian Institute, 20+ years Yoga Teacher

One thing you can count on with Greg Brynelson is excellence. I’ve had over 60 Rolfing sessions in my day and can affirm that Greg’s touch is wonderful, powerfull and effective. Besides state of the art Rolfing/Structural Integration, he has great integrity, a wonderful sense of humor, and is very trustworthy.

Phil Boerner
Marathoner, and Triathelete

I would like to thank you very much for the Rolfing sessions that you have given me over the past few weeks. Immediately after each session I felt more energetic and I felt as though I were taller and lighter! The Rolfing experience has been very rejuvenating and these feelings are carrying over into my daily activities.

Going into the first session, I was expecting something like a deep massage, but I found out that Rolfing is much more. True, you relaxed my muscles and loosened my lower back. And while I did feel a relief of tension because of the Rolfing I was also aware that you were restructuring my body in a beneficial way. Rather than giving a massage, you were sensitively manipulating my connective tissue to bring all parts of my body into proper alignment. I became aware of the overall patterns of imbalance in my body that Rolfing addresses.

You were very professioal during the sessions and I liked the comfortable setting of your office. You also did a good job of sharing your knowledge, increasing my awareness of how I can maintain my body structure after the Rolfing sessions are completed. This will, I expect, lead to improved racing performances in my triathlons and marathons down the road. I have already felt that movement is easier in my workouts since your Rolfing sessions. I have also become more sensitive to the way the parts of my body relate to each other and work together.

Based on my experience I would recommend Rolfing with you to anyone. I believe it has improved my level of structural balance and enhanced my athletic performance. Getting Rolfed with you is a transforming experience! Thank you.

L. A.
Avid Bicyclist

I find myself better balanced and more comfortable on the bike.

B. Z.
Lawyer and Avid Golfer

Greg is consumately professional. His commitment to Rolfing—and his skills—are exceptional.

S. P.
Language Interpreter

As a sign language interpreter, I often experienced pain in my right forearm and elbow. The Rolfing work helped to ease the pain in that arm considerably and allowed for much more freedom of movement in my work.

James B.

San Francisco, CA

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By James - Dec 31, 2009 Rolfing has been an incredible experience for me, and I attribute this to Greg who is a very skilled practitioner. When I found out that he is a sculptor as well as a practicing Nurse it sort of clicked for me; He has a very acute sensibility about form, structure and balance as well as a deep knowledge of anatomy. Over the period of ten weeks we were able to erase many years of poor posture. Now when I fall into a position of poor posture when sitting at my computer at work, it doesn't feel right, and I immediately adjust into a position that's balanced. That's probably the best reward; my body no longer feels comfortable slumping forward and hunching, so it now sort of self corrects. That and the fact that when I walk I feel much more agile and balanced. - James Basore‎

Martin A.

San Francisco

5 out of 5 Stars. I have undergone ten session of rolfing at three other times in my life so I am an experienced rolfee. I found Greg Brynelson at City Rolfers to be excellent. He is thoughtful about his work and and was able to eliminate long standing pain for me. I would return to him should the need arise and wholeheartedly recommend him to my friends. Martin‎

Gary L.

San Francisco

I'ma 64 year old Marine Vietnam Veteran, with Chronic PTSD, degenerative arthritis in back, neck, and knee. I went to Greg over a year a go and have seen him once a month since. I live daily with stress which causes a lot of pain, which Greg keeps my body aligned. You know you have a great Rolfer, when he takes a look and can find the root of the pain. It's like his hands have eyes. I have seen a lot of theripist over the years, and Greg is my favorite. I can always depend on his professional calming manner, and feel like I've had a major tuneup each time I see him. I highly recommend Greg, and I seldom give recommendations. I can honestly say, his work makes my life tolerable. Sincerely Gary Lanford 5 out of 5 stars.


San Francisco

I have never really done to any kind of service provider like Greg. I was pleasantly suprised. I had chronic back pain for about 15 years since I was 14 and I feel like my 8 rolfing sessions have helped me walk and stand up straighter and have eased the tense feeling in my back. I highly recommend Greg if you have decided to try out rolfing. 5 out of 5 stars - Joey‎

Pat Z.

San Francisco

If you want to do something great for your body, go see Greg Brynelson, City Rolfer. The process is a little uncomfortable, but rolfing will give you impressive long term benefits. Greg works with you to address any specific needs or concerns, and he truly is a master of his craft. He has worked with me through foot surgery, achy knees and stressed out muscles to ease discomfort. I walk straighter, and have more flexibility and ease of movement. I completed the initial 10 sessions and have been in "maintenance mode" for a while. Rolfing is something I will always make time for. After a session with Greg, I feel like I could run a marathon and I sleep soundly. And, it seems your brain is so happy that your body is in alignment, your whole mental attitude seems to mellow. Greg has impressive credentials and a lot of interesting life experience. I do not have experience with another rolfer, but I feel that I have already found the best!‎

Dawn I.

San Francisco

I'm new to this whole Rolfing idea, but with years of Computer-Syndrome induced neck and upper back pain, I'm willing to try (almost) anything once. It's not for the faint of heart, but the results are great! Greg is an awesome therapist, explaining details (if you want) and has an amazing sense of how things interact in the body. After the 10-session program, I feel like my body's been rebuilt from the ground up!‎

Vishal K.
San Francisco

My chiropractor recommended Greg to me for chronic back issues, and I’m glad he did. Chiropractic and rolfing are very different approaches, and if you haven’t heard of rolfing before I recommend learning a little about it. My simple-minded, layman summary of rolfing is: focused, systematic, structured massage.

Greg took the rolfing framework and applied it very effectively to my specific back issues. Before every session started, he took the time to gauge where my back pain was at, my posture and my walking stride. He then tailored that day’s session with his observations, combined with my personal observations since the last session. I thought this was a very effective approach, and I definitely noticed an improvement throughout my body, not just my back, over the weeks.

If you’re considering rolfing (and you should), don’t hesitate to go with Greg.

Samantha S.

San Francisco

This is the least amount of pain that I’ve been in over the last 10 years.

Yes it’s kinda pricey, and yes it’s a time commitment, but it’s oh so worth it. I did the 10-session series and by session 3 I felt major improvement. I’ve basically had a really really bad headache for a decade. Sure I started to get “used” to it, meaning I could some what function, but at the price of giving up everything that I loved and living in a state of constant grumpiness. I had tried everything, chiropractic, dozens of physical therapists, back specialists, massage, more specialists and nothing made even a dent in my pain. Rolfing really might be my saving grace.

Greg is fantastic at what he does. He listens and observes. He also teaches you what your body should be doing (which you should listen to because he knows what he’s talking about!). If you’re in pain check out rolfing.

Erin C.

San Francisco

I met with Greg for the 10 series last year and was very impressed. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. I felt very comfortable as Greg walked through the series and the different holdings in my body. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone who wants to treat themselves to a healthier body in a caring, skilled environment.


San Francisco – lawyer

I had my first rolfing session with Greg today and it was profound. I have had many types of treatments before including deep tissue massages, Thai massages, Ayurveda massages, etc. but nothing like this ever. When I left the one hour session I felt lighter, taller, straighter and overall better. My posture has definitely slightly improved. I cannot imagine how good I will feel after the 10 series. I am truly amazed. So well worth every penny.

Tatiana T.

San Francsico – Designer

I was in an extreme amount of lower back pain and unable to move for over a month. I tried massage, acupuncture, and steroid treatments, but nothing would help. I went to a spine surgeon, who told me I would have to learn to live it! With one treatment, Greg took me out of pain. With 3 treatments, I felt completely recovered. I would *highly* recommend Greg's therapy -- everyone deserves to live without pain! Greg is also very honest -- at first he suggested I would need 10 treatments, but after 4, he said "I think you are doing well, and don't need anymore". ...and I *do* feel good. :) Thank you, Greg! --Tatiana Takaeva

Noel S.

San Francisco – Computer Programmer

My rolfing session with Greg changed my relationship with my body. Greg was able to look and work on where I can make small adjustments so I will move freely and more in tune with my natural alignment. Greg has helped me to have a better body awareness that is becoming second nature. More than ever, I can feel where I am stressing out certain parts and I make adjustments so I can be more relaxed. I feel that more taller; I that I walk more smoother; and that I more one with my body. Rolfing will have a lasting effect on me that I will always be grateful to Greg Brynelson. In every session, I learn something about my body and some tips on how I can improve. He is a very knowledgeable and intuitive therapist./rolfer I can I think everyone should get rolfing experience from Greg.

David O

San Francisco – Therapist

When my friend recommended Greg, my body and spirit felt pretty busted. Years of walking incorrectly, poor posture, weightlifing, running, and generally holding tension every where in my body left me feel lopsided and lethargic. Greg is truly an artist. He helps to reform your body back into a healthy and proper balance and alignment. I just finished my 10 sessions and will be returning for much needed maintenance. Rolfing with Greg is more than worth the money, time, and (occasional) physical intensity. Thanks Greg!!! I'll be back in a month or so! David O

Ann L.
San Francisco

My ten-year neck-pain odyssey is finally winding down, and I have to say that I'm almost in disbelief! After months upon years of acupuncture, weekly chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, and three sessions of "energy healing" (none of which did anything really significant) I was literally looking into medicinal leeches, which supposedly reduce inflammation. No kidding, I was. My Kaiser diagnosis was a catch-all: "myofascial pain syndrome," aka soft-tissue pain, nothing wrong with the bones and joints, not arthritis, not anything visible or obvious on the X-Ray or MRI. And then I found Greg, through Yelp by the way. So who knows what the hell was up with my neck, I guess I will never know, but who cares: Greg has been able to reorganize my body so that I can live in it comfortably, with less and less pain every week. Around the 6th session things really turned a corner. He stretched out my jaw from the inside of my mouth! This was an eye opener, to say the least. Was this comfortable and fun? Um, no. But guess what happened next? No pain, no flareups, for three weeks!!! For the first time in over a year I went a month without a painkiller, whereas I was previously an every-day pill-popper (I detest pain). I just finished my ten sessions, and will probably maintain for a while with an occasional tune-up until I'm sure the hell is behind me. Thanks Greg, for getting me normal again! P.S. I really think those years of chiropractic added to the problem. All that high-velocity twisting and lurching is not really good on the ligaments in the neck. I will not get chiro again!

Tom C.
San Francisco

There's a few things one notices about Greg in the first few moments. One, his demeanor is warm, calm, and caring. It's his old school bedside manners that really makes you feel at ease. Two, he's extremely knowledgeable. I learned so much about Rolfing in a short amount of time. Three, his incredible level of professionalism. At no time was anything awkward or tense. Rolfing was something that was transformational in my life. The amount of changes that occurred in my body were amazing. Greg was there to help me recognize those changes, understand them, and work to keep the benefits that Rolfing provided. I would highly recommend anyone for treatment with Greg. I'm very glad I chose to do so.

San Francisco

After rounds of doctor's appointments and physical therapy for a repetitive strain injury/tendonitis in both arms, I went to see Greg for 14 or so sessions over about 5 months. He was consistently professional and interested in figuring out what was causing (and how to treat) symptoms that no one had been able to explain. I didn't need to repeat myself each session because he was paying careful attention. He was always able to explain his approach in a clinical way that made sense to me. I experienced some significant changes in my posture and alignment and have a much better understanding of where some of my symptoms were originating. Unlike other kinds of bodywork I have tried, Rolfing seems to keep working over time. I am still letting the tendonitis heal but am convinced that Greg addressed the underlying issues in my upper back and neck, and helped me figure out how to prevent reinjury. I have moved out of the area but will definitely seek out a Rolfer to help meet address issues as they come up... I definitely recommend Greg to anyone experiencing pain or hoping to head it off by improving their alignment.

Narcisse B. - Plantar Fascitis
San Francisco

I just finished my last session with Greg. I am so lucky my friend recommended him to me: I had developed Plantar Fasciitis about 6 months ago, neither orthotics nor physical therapy were helping and I was in agony since I am very activity but I could not even walk w/o limping ... Greg knew exactly what to do, could see where my pain was coming from, how to get rid of it and what I needed to do - or not to do. I felt very comfortable with him and cannot believe how fast he heeled my hill! He always asked about my progress and was direct in letting me know the exact cause of it, and what i should stop doing. I cannot give him enough compliments.