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My active nursing career, yoga teaching, and sculptural background all influence my personal approach to Rolfing. Primarily clients benefit from my professionalism, intuitive and strong hands, teaching attitude, and background in medical knowledge.

City Rolfer also offers video and still frame analysis to enhance your understanding of your body-and it's change during the Rolfing process.


Rolfing was developed to reorganize the body structure over a series of 10 sessions, though shorter interventions may be appropriate.

10 Session Outline:

Like dieting or weightlifting, changes in your body take time. Dr. Rolf developed a 10-session treatment program to help you form a new body, and bring you ease.

Sessions 1,2,3: General opening of outer fascia layers. First session focuses on breath, ribcage, neck, and back. The second session focuses largely on the legs, feet and low back. The third session focuses on getting length through the spine, outside of the legs, and ribcage.

Sessions 4,5,6,7: Once sessions 1,2,3, open the outer layers of fascia, your Rolfer can go deeper- and begin restructuring your body from the ground up. This is the general plan in sessions 4-7.

Sessions 8-10: The cumulative affects of Rolfing on your body make these sessions very important. Not only can the Rolfer get more done in each of these sessions than the preceeding ones- the main goals are to finely balance your body, and reinforce your new positive body habits.

Other treatment options:

If unsure of your commitment to Rolfing, consider the first 3 sessions of Rolfing a trial period.

If you are in severe pain, injury work may be necessary before addressing your body within the 10-series framework. This can take anywhere from 3-5 sessions.

Maintenance programs and/or follow up work (post-10 work) are always an option. Spacing of sessions depends on your body and its needs.


People of all ages and walks of life can benefit from Rolfing: the office worker, the shy child, the avid gardener, the athlete. Rolfing addresses some specific ailments.

Everyone can benefit from Rolfing. If you are seeking to experience optimum health and body performance, you are a candidate for Rolfing. People looking for increased body awareness and general health are perfect Rolfing candidates. Some specific problems addressed in Rolfing include:

  • poor posture
  • chronic pain conditions
  • general tension (i.e. back, neck, shoulders)
  • high stress levels
  • acute injuries
  • sciatica
  • and much more...

We all use our bodies and can be sure that investing in them will bring positive and healthy returns.

Meet Greg Brynelson

Greg Brynelson

Greg’s healing path began in his late teens. His natural kinesthetic ability and love of working closely with other people to find health have directed his path.

Several years ago, chronic back pain leg Greg to try many healing modalities but the Rolfing ten-session series is what got him out of pain. Periodic maintenance sessions with a Rolfer, and a daily yoga practice of seven years help keep him pain free.

Greg says, “I’ve always got my hands on something. Ever since I was a kid, touch and action have been my favorite ways of learning and creating.

What most excites me about Rolfing work is that I can help people make real tangible changes. I get to know each client—his/her body—on a deep level, and love working within Ida Rolf’s system for human development.

It makes complete sense to me, and there is always room for getting better.”

Registered Nurse ‘06
University of Californa San Francisco Hospital
San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Science in Nursing ‘06
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
Baltimore, MD

Bachelor of Arts Degree ‘02
Whitman College
Walla Walla, WA

Certified Rolfing Practitioner ‘02
The Rolf Institute Boulder, CO

Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor ‘00
The Reichian Institute
Sacramento, CA

Certified Massage Therapist ‘98
Healing Arts Institute
Roseville, CA