Three Things Men Do Wrong

To follow up the post, “Three Things Women Do Wrong” here is one for the men. Please know this is a bit tongue and cheek – and really these are simply suggestions as to how to modify common habits to make your body a bit happier. Plus, I know guys do a lot more than 3 things wrong.

1. Sit on your wallet:
When you sit on a wallet it places a good inch to half inch rise on that hip. Always sticking your on a wallet in the same back pocket can drive the pelvis into an asymmetrical pattern. Doing this day in and day out can create an imbalance in the low back that becomes chronic.

My suggestion: When you go to sit down, switch the wallet to the front pocket or place it in a bag.

2. Get intimidated by wellness classes (i.e. Pilates, yoga, dance):
Many men in the Bay Area are “enlightened”, but by in large I get the sentiment from men that things like yoga, pilates, and dance are for women. In fact women still dominate purchases in this industry and are the majority gender in any classroom of this type.

My suggestion: There are a lot of ways to change your thinking about this, but it helps to think of attending these classes as ways to balance out the other ways you use your body. For instance if you work a lot at the computer, or do physically demanding work, or even exercise, think of dance, yoga, or pilates as a counter-balance to that part of your life.
If you’re a woman, please invite a man friend to your class, he might consider it coming from you. For the straight men – just think of all the toned and flexible women you stand to meet at such classes.

3. Slouch!
I know we all do this, but if I had to guess men do this more than women. We’ve come a long way with the ergonomic support and analysis in the workplace – so there is beginning to be an awareness here. But even the best ergonomic chair won’t help if you’re not sitting in it properly. Many men don’t even know what proper sitting is (maybe if we attended more pliates or yoga classes)!

My suggestion: Before you settle into your chair, slide your butt back as far as it goes. Leaving a large gap of space between your butt and the back of the chair is the main culprit of the slouch. By sliding back along the chair, your low back is supported and this good base of support will naturally raise your shoulders and head to the sky. Mentally check in throughout the day to see if you’ve slid forward, and then slide on back if you have.

Thanks for reading! Be well.

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